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I am a YouTuber, can I become a MMOGA partner?

You create Let's Plays, Gametests or other games relevant video productions, you present these on your YouTube Channel to a wide audience
MMOGA offers you the option of acquiring an affiliate link to earn commissions. You will receive your personal affiliate link that you can use in your videos.

How does it work?
After registration and activation, you will receive your personal affiliate link with a Ref ID. If one of your visitors clicks on this link, a cookie is set. This cookie is valid for 30 days and assigns that user as mediated by you. You get a commission on the total sales within 30 days.
We would ask you to go through our checklist to ensure that you are eligible for the MMOGA Affiliate Program for YouTube.

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • Your channel has at least 1000 subscribers
  • You have a link to MMOGA in your channel to prove that you are the rightful owner of the channel
  • You want to use the MMOGA partner link in your channel and your videos to earn commissions

Click here to find more information on the MMOGA affiliate program and to register.

Want to learn more about the commissions and the affiliate link? Check out the Affiliate FAQ:

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