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My key is invalid, what should I do ?

Before reporting an invalid key, please make sure you have used the correct platform (Steam, Uplay, Origin usw.). Please refer to the corresponding item description and the email with the key to find out for which platform the key is provided. Within the email you will find a detailed description on how you can redeem the key. If this won't help, please visit the help center and search for the corresponding platform.

Popular mistakes while entering a key are:

- O (letter) and 0 (zero) are confused
- 8 and B also look similar (eight and B as Berta)
- 6 and G heck (six and G as Gustav)
- I may be l (large i and lowercase L)
- S instead of 5 (large s and five)
- R and A
- Case insensitivity
- Put hyphens and spaces correctly

In case complications keep occurring, feel free to contact us using our contact form.

29.04.2014 10:58