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I am a Twitch Streamer, can I become a MMOGA partner?

You love to share your gaming experiences in your streams with your viewers?
You would like to take the opportunity to draw the attention of your viewers to MMOGA and earn money?
We would ask you to go through our checklist below, before you register for the MMOGA Twitch Partnership.

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • Your channel has at least 250 followers
  • You have a MMOGA link in a panel of your channel to prove that you are the rightful owner
  • You would like to use the MMOGA affiliate link in your channel and in your streams to earn commissions

Click here to find more information on the MMOGA affiliate program and to register.

Want to learn more about the commissions and the affiliate link? Check out the Affiliate FAQ:

22.02.2021 10:34