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How does payment by mobile phone (mobile payment) work?

How to pay via your mobile phone at MMOGA:

1. On the page of the product you would like to buy, click on the green button "add to cart". You have to be logged in to you MMOGA account to purchase the product.

2. You will be taken to the Shopping Cart, an overview of all the items you would like to a buy. You can now either add more products by clicking on "continue shopping" or finalize your order by clicking on the "checkout" button.

3. The next window gives you the opportunity to redeem discount coupons. If you do not have MMOGA coupons or have already redeemed your discount code, click on "continue".

4. Now you can choose your payment method. Seelct the option "Mobile Payment" and click on "continue".

5. You will now see an order confirmation, giving you an overview of all the items you want to order, as well as the selected payment method. In order to use Mobile Payment, click on the "Order" button.

6. A popup window will open where you can enter your mobile phone number and the price is once again shown for your information. Enter your mobile phone number and continue.

7. You will soon receive a text message containing the code you can use to complete your purchase. Enter the code and complete your order.

01.08.2014 12:40